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The Super-Entrepreneur 

The United States private sector is now being lead by a new entrepreneurial class of Super-entrepreneurs. Multi-Unit Franchising provide the best environment for this new class entrepreneurs to grow. In recent years the concept of multi-unit franchising has become the preferred method of developing franchise territories. In 2008, FRANdata, a franchise industry research firm conducted a survey and found that more than 50% of all franchises sold in the United States were sold through multi-unit franchising. The success of multi-unit franchising is due to options given to franchisees by franchisors that allow them to start more than one franchise in a designated territory. Some of Americas top companies including; Domino Pizza, Subway Sandwich, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Jiffylube, and Churches Chicken, to name a few are using multi-franchising to grow their brand.

MicroBusiness Ventures

In the late 90s the Small Business Administration (SBA) recognized a new group of small businesses called; “MicroBusinesses”. MicroBusiness is a new Style of American Entrepreneurship that’s spreading rapidly around the world. These small & home based business owners are distinguished by having no paid employees. MicroBusiness owners out-source work to other like minded entrepreneurs in a Virtual Network Assembly Line spanning the globe. In the United States their numbers have reached more than 25 million with a growth rate of 7.3%. According to government data in 2007, generated annual revenues of more than $1 trillion dollars. MicroBusiness models and franchises offer some of the leading business and training opportunities for people who want to be self-employed.

Fast Track Leadership Management Program

The biggest challenge facing multi-unit franchise operators with large territories to cover is how to identify, recruit  and train future managers for their brands. Rudy Lewis, discovered this problem while establishing a growth strategy for his two multi-unit franchises, “CondoFran & AdverMailer Franchises”. The Multi-Unit Franchise Leadership Management Training Program can be used to help multi-Unit franchise operators recruit individuals who are interested in joining there brands as employees that can work their way up to management and/or potential ownership in the brands. The success of this type of the Multi-Unit Franchise Fast Track Leadership Management Program has the potential to change the relationship between employees and employers in America, forever. 


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